day [ deı ] noun ***
1. ) count one of the periods of time that a week is divided into, equal to 24 hours:
We're going away for five days.
The animals are kept inside for 14 hours a day.
24 hours a day (=during the whole of the day and night): The store is open 24 hours a day.
a ) count or uncount the period of time when it is light outside:
There was not enough of the day left to finish the game.
during the day: The restaurant is only open during the day.
by day (=during the day): By day he is a banker, but by night he sings in a club.
─ opposite NIGHT
b ) count usually singular the period of time when you are awake and doing things:
every day: You should try to go for a walk every day.
all day (long): What do you do at home all day?
a bad/hard/long day (=a difficult or unpleasant day): She came home exhausted after a hard day at the office.
a day off (=a day when you do not work): I have a day off next week.
a day out (=a day when you go out somewhere for fun or enjoyment): All children enjoy a day out at the fair.
2. ) singular a time in the past or future:
We look forward to the day when nuclear weapons will no longer exist.
the day will/may/might come (when): The day may come when our air becomes too polluted to breathe.
3. ) days plural a period of time when you are doing a particular thing or when something is happening or is successful:
I think my days as a basketball player are coming to an end.
That was back in the days of the horse and buggy.
the early days of something: She became famous in the early days of television.
all in a day's work SPOKEN
used for saying that you are willing to do something or are able to deal with it because it is part of your normal job or activities
any day now SPOKEN
very soon
(as) clear/plain as day INFORMAL
very easy to understand, see, or hear
back in the days AMERICAN SPOKEN
used for referring to a time in the past, especially a time when someone was young
be on days
to be working during the day instead of at night
a/the big day
a very important day, especially the day arranged for your wedding
someone's day
the period of time when someone was young:
The place has changed completely since my day.
In my day, all young men were drafted into the military.
day after day
every day for a long time, often in a way that is boring or unpleasant
the day after tomorrow
two days from now:
We're going on vacation the day after tomorrow.
day and night/night and day
all the time:
Electricians have been working day and night to restore electricity to the area.
the day before yesterday
two days ago:
I got back home the day before yesterday.
day by day
in small slow stages as each day passes:
She's much better now and getting stronger day by day.
day in, day out
every day for a long time, especially in a way that is boring or unpleasant:
It's so boring, eating the same food day in, day out.
someone's day in the sun
the time when someone is young, successful, or famous
someone's day will come SPOKEN
used for saying that someone will become successful in the future even though they are not successful now
from day one
ever since the first day or the very beginning of something
from day to day
1. ) in a way that changes quickly or often:
He seems to change his opinion from day to day.
2. ) without thinking about what is going to happen in the future:
They lived from day to day.
from one day to the next
if something changes from one day to the next, it changes suddenly
the good old days
a time in the past when everything was much better than now
have your day in court
to get the opportunity to defend yourself from criticism
have had your/its day
to have stopped being successful, effective, or fashionable, especially because of being no longer young
have seen better days INFORMAL
to be in bad condition
if someone's a day SPOKEN
used for saying that someone is at least as old as the age you are mentioning:
She's 50 if she's a day.
in the old days
a long time ago, especially a time you remember as being good or happy
in this day and age
in the present or modern times:
You can't have people living in these conditions in this day and age!
in those days
during a particular period in the past:
Most people married young in those days.
it's not someone's day INFORMAL
used for saying that someone is having a lot of problems
it's not every day that INFORMAL
used for saying that an event or situation is very unusual and special:
It's not every day you get the chance to meet a real movie star.
someone's lucky day
a day when something good happens for someone
make someone's day
to make someone feel very happy
make my day SPOKEN
used for warning someone that if they do something, you will enjoy stopping, defeating, or punishing them
make a day of it
to spend the whole day, instead of just part of it, doing something enjoyable
not have all day SPOKEN
to be in a hurry
of someone's/something's day
during the time when someone or something existed:
When it first came out, it was the finest television of its day.
of the day
1. ) existing at a particular period of time:
These officials are appointed by the government of the day.
2. ) served on a particular day in a restaurant:
the soup/fish of the day
one day
1. ) at some time in the future:
She hopes to own her own business one day.
2. ) on a day in the past:
One day he just walked out and never came back.
one of these days SPOKEN
at some time in the future
one of those days INFORMAL
a day when you seem to have a lot of problems
the other day INFORMAL
some day
at some time in the future:
I'll go back there some day.
that'll be the day SPOKEN
used for saying that you do not believe something will happen
these days SPOKEN
used for talking about things that are happening or true now:
Children grow up much more quickly these days.
those were the days SPOKEN
used for saying that a time in the past was better or happier than now
to the day
used for saying that something happened on the same day in a different year:
It's ten years to the day since we first moved here.
to this day
even now, after a very long time:
To this day I don't know exactly what started the fight.
win/carry the day
to be successful in dealing with opposition or an opponent:
Common sense at last won the day.
It was Foster's pitching that finally carried the day for Chicago.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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